March 2020 Update – To comply with Ohio’s “Stay at Home” order and limit community transmission of COVID-19, Call-a-Tek will be providing technical services remotely while the order is in effect for Ohio.

May 2020 Update – To limit community transmission of COVID-19 and keep our customers safe during the continuing pandemic, Call-a-Tek will continue providing remote connect services whenever possible. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved remotely, our technician will take all necessary precautions (including facial covering and device sanitation) when providing on-site technical support, to minimize any risk to our customers and technician.


For Call-a-Tek customers throughout Ohio, our certified technician can connect remotely to your computer to troubleshoot and resolve software and operating system issues. The hourly rate for remote support is $60.00/hour for home customers, or $70.00/hour for business customers, plus applicable sales tax.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Call-a-Tek is extending its remote support services to new customers as well. Before initiating remote support for new customers, a credit card pre-payment will be required to cover the first hour of remote support. After the first hour, an additional charge will be assessed at the pro-rated hourly rate.

Join Remote Support Session

Call-a-Tek uses Zoho Assist for remote support. On the computer that will be remotely connected to:

  1. Go to, type the 9-digit session ID provided by our technician, and click Join Session. Or, if you received the invitation in a new email entitled “Zoho Assist – Remote Support session”, click the link provided and click Join Session.
  2. Click Download when prompted to “download and run the application to join the support session”, and install ZA_Connect.exe when prompted.
  3. While our technician is remotely connected, you will see the notification in the lower right corner of your screen.

    To chat with our technician, click the conversation icon.

    When you are ready to end the remote connection, click the X and click OK when prompted to leave the session.


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