For existing Call-a-Tek customers, our certified technician can connect remotely to your computer to troubleshoot and resolve software and operating system issues. The hourly rate for our remote technician is $50.00/hour.

Call-a-Tek uses Join.Me for remote connectivity. Your web browser will need to allow cookies for You will be prompted to install (Windows) or the Join.Me app, depending on your device.

Once you and our technician are both ready:

  • If you received a meeting link from our technician by email, click the link in the email to initiate the remote connection.
  • If you received a meeting code from our technician by phone:
  1. Click or open the Join.Me app on your device.
  2. Click or select JOIN MEETING.
  3. Enter the meeting code you received to initiate the remote connection.


Join.Me App Download Page


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